Weekend Recount

Hiiiii!!!! I’m back and now I will be talking about What I did on the weekend…

We (my sister and I) got up and played on our I-pads, then our parents got up and we had breakfast, for breakfast we my sister and I had toast and I don’t know what my parents had. Anyways, after breakfast, my dad took us to martial-arts🥋( martial-arts is a sport when you learn how to defend yourself). After martial-arts dad took us home.

When we got home I got changed into my normal clothes and mum took me to the shops. The first thing we did at the shops was to go to k-mart. At k-mart mum got me a bracelet and she got her friend a present. After we bought the things from k-mart we went to Coles and bought some stuff. Then we did meet my mums friend, they talked for about 5 minutes, then we went home.

My sister was going to a party, so she started to get ready. Then someone came to pick her up and take her to the party, at the same time the babysitter came to look after me cos my parents were going to a party. After my sister left, the babysitter did my mums make-up. Then we took my parents to the train station, then we strait to Hillary’s. The first thing we did at Hillary’s was to get yummy ice-cream. I had bubble-gum and mint ice-cream, and it was sooooooooooooooooo good. After she(the babysitter) bought the ice-cream, we went looking at the shops and the last shop we looked at she bought me a cute dragon hatching out of its egg with my birth month and my birth stone on the egg.

When we went home her son was there waiting with his nan. When we came in-side him and I were very shy, but then my sister came home and she started the conversation and the fun. We went on the trampoline, then we started watching a movie, then we ate dinner and played on the phone and my sister went on her I-pad, then we played with slime. Finally my sister and I went to bed at 9:30, and my parents came home at 10 o’clock.

The next day, we got up and had breakfast( a very late breakfast), then my dad took my sister and I out to lunch, to see some friends. For lunch all the kids(4 kids) got fish-n-chips( including me), the dads got a little plate of stake and salad, and 1kg of drumsticks to share. And that’s really what we did on Sunday…

Thanks for looking on my blog and I hope you like what I did on the weekend . Byyyeee!!!!!!!!!

Hefting, Math

Hello, I’m back. This week in math we have been learning and doing hefting (hefting means when you lift something(s) to guess what its weight is). It was pretty easy but not that easy at the same time. This is the 10 things we hefted: Top trumps cards, Glue stick, White bored eraser, Cup, Drill, Glass cup, Tennis ball, Soccer ball, Tissue box and a I-Pad. That’s all I have right now, thank you for looking on my blog. I hope you like the photos (its the first time I’ve put them in). Byyyeee!!!!!



Hello! This week in school we have been learning about ‘Cinquain’. Cinquain is   a type of poetry that people do 2 syllables then 4, 6, 8 and 2 again. This is what I did,


The nicest day

Rotations, recces, lunch

Friday is always the best day


I hope you like it, it was pretty hard but easy at the same time. Thank you for looking in my blog, byyyeee

Going To Albany!

We’re  going to Albany on the 13.4.2023!!! But we’re only going for 3 days. I’ve been to Albany once and it was soooo fun, so, it may be fun this time!! We’re staying at a friends house. This is what we did…. Day 1: We got up early, Started to pack everything into the car, eat breakfast and leave. It was a loooonnnggg drive. We stopped about 2 times, first stop was at Williams and then a bakery.  Finally we got to our friends house then had dinner and went to sleep. Day 2: We got up and got ready to go out to breakfast. We went to the Handasydes  Strawberry picking farm. I got the best  Waffles ever with wiped cream, ice cream, strawberry’s and chocolate syrup. After that we went for a drive to some lookouts and we went to the gap & the natural Bridge. Then we went back to our friends house then had lunch. After lunch we went to a friend’s work and got some food. Finally we went home and had dinner and went to bed. Day 3: Today we decided that we would leave this morning. We got up and left. It was a quick first 2 and a half hours. After 2 and half hours we went to Williams for lunch. Then we got on the road again. Finally, we got home and unpacked. It was a fun time at Albany. Hopefully next time we will go in summer.